Monday, July 13, 2009

We are finally finished with the second health faire and it went very well. The people who came were very pleased and certain found help for their life. We did a booth on sickle cell and how to treat it at home or rather the crises. We had one on heart health since there are lots of cheap motorcycles now people don’t do exercise as they used to do when they rode a bike.
We did one on safety and different safety things such as not letting babies and the such play with sharp objects and keeping medication out of reach of young kids.
We did the water booth again but reorganized it and added a game.
It was a lot of work but not as bad as last time since we had kept all the pieces together and so just had to do some new stuff. The attendance wasn’t quite as good as last time but there were different people and it had rained all morning so it was soggy out. But it was fine and no one could say they were bored anyway.
My chickens have the “chicken pox” . I don’t know what they have but they get like wart kind of things on their face. If the internet worked better I would try and look it up .. but I am lucky if I can read my email. It has been 5 min and I still haven’t gotten into the blog log in page yet.
I praise God, last Friday I went to get fertilizer which is not very easy to get sometimes because they will like only sell to their friends or the such but I got there just in time to get my 2 bags that I wanted.

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