Monday, November 2, 2009

Nestor and his son Salomon.
6 months old

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  1. Well, Suzy, I read it all, oh how wonderfully written. Would like some of the recipes.

    Our former conference president is over in the Phillipines for a while. Well, his wife is that is as he is in Jakarta or Myanmer not sure which or how that one is spelled. I know that I miss him and Jan, but they are on face book so keep posted as to what is going on.
    When reading about all of the peanuts, I thought of Jim as he is one person who cannot eat any peanuts or nuts of any type. Can you imagine being a conference president where you were at a different church each week, and all the nuts that SDA's use. He also is like me in that he is Celiac Sprue and cannot have the grains that so many tout as being so healthy for one.
    I remember the recipes that you sent to me, that were on my old computer that crashed, and I hadn't backed up my stuff, so lost the recipes, even the printouts are gone. Downsizing may have taken some of them to other places.
    Well, Suzy thank you for the pleasure of reading the blog, it is a delight and it is wonderful to be able to keep in touch and read more than is in the AFM or letters.

    God bless you, thank you again.



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