Sunday, December 6, 2009

bananas bananas 167 of them

someone was selling bananas today in the village so i bought them. they were very heavy. probably about 40lbs. we were on the motorcycle and so i was squished up front and drove with joel squished to the back and the banana stock plopped on top of us. very heavy and it was sitting on my kidneys and hips. poking me and pressing my back. and joel and i both lost circulation in the lower parts of our bodies. but thank God we made it home without problems and the kids were even there to open the door. because we couldn't get off the motorcycle very well. i cut the bananas apart and counted them and there were 167 of them. all still green.
i would have hung them up like that but it was just way too heavy to hang anywhere. this is donny to show you how big it was.

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