Monday, September 7, 2009

Chicks and chicks. I have stolen the chicks from their mother who is still sitting on 3 eggs which I don’t know if they are going to hatch or not. (I took them this morning) I candled them but they were black inside and I couldn’t tell if there was something in them or not. One hatched when after that so we will see. Pretty soon I will free her and just put the eggs in with the chicks to see if they will hatch in there. There are 13 chicks in a plastic tub in my room with screen on top to protect them from my vicious cats. Why am I doing that? Because there is sickness in my cages. My last chicks all died . It is real chicken pox … the one for chickens. And some of them get pox. So by keeping the chicks separated I hope to save their life and let this virus run its course. And now I am just colleting all the eggs and we will eat them. All the other chickens that are outside and alive had the sickness and lived so I guess they are “immune” to it now.. I hope.
The veterinarian gave me med for them but I can’t say it really worked. It is a mixture of several different antibiotics and vitamins. I need to see how I am going to spray all the cages and the such with bleach and try and kill off the virus… but not sure how good that will work spraying on dirt and grass. I am hoping that if it doesn’t have anything to live in, that it will die off.
So here they are all born last week some several days apart from the others. They are from several different mothers. I think that all my hens were laying in the same nest. And the mother the most used to keeping chicks decided that 20 eggs were enough to sit on and she started sitting on them. And she is still there. Poor thing .. will take the last 3 out soon so she can leave. She doesn’t remember that she has chicks yet.. because I took them when they were still damp and or still in the egg coming out. She pecks me every time but I just talk to her and lift up her tummy and look under her and then put her back down and off I go with a couple of chicks in my hand or shirt. Much easier for her to sit on the eggs then for me to try and keep them warm.

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