Saturday, May 2, 2009

april 27 09
It is getting ready to rain outside. I was going to go into town to buy soap buuuut I guess not right now. I am taking it sort of easy today since we have been working non stop for the past month. Patient is here to chat with me and get a bit of mommy warmth. Yesterday was a big day at the church as a couple who have been together for over 11 years finally got married. The program started late so manny and I left for pelima to do our bible study before it even started. And by the time we got back it was all finished. Amadine had hidden some Akua for me and I ate that and then I found my self again. I had been quite hungry and driving the motorcycle on gravel for 50 min is stressful. I usually come back brain dead.
Well the rain wasn’t much and the storm grumbled and grumbled.
It is now 7:40 pm and we are sitting around the living room each with his flashlight trying to do homework with the electricity off. Thankfully there are very cheap LED lights here and they don’t use the batteries up fast. I had some batteries that lasted like 3 months and that was even going out to the village with it. They are a life line around here since the electricity isn’t very stable right now. Ok during this time it is back for the moment.
Ok the sleepies have hit hard. night

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