Monday, May 25, 2009

shelling peanuts the first step in making peanut butter

Tap tap tap in my house as the kids tap the heads of the peanuts on the concrete floor to crack them open. It is time to make more peanut butter. The old stuff is gone. So there they are cracking them open. They have been working on it for several hours .. well today they did for about an hour at noon and just started up now. But yesterday they did it for several hours. Reminds me of walnut cracking we used to do. For the moment there are 4 persons having a race to see who will finish their pile first.
It looks like donné is winning for the moment. Yep donny won. They are going now for the second round. Severin just left to go and get some cereal out on the street where it is sold. Everyone can eat for 40cents. I just made onion fritters. Very good.

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