Tuesday, May 26, 2009

praises to God

A couple of things to praise God for. On Sabbath night we walked home from emile and bros house. On arriving at the house I took my shower and then got ready to go to bed. I went to my sack and found that my phone wasn’t in there. I knew it had fallen out so I quick grabbed my pants and threw them on and asked donny to come with me. We grabbed the flashlight and headed out as fast as possible. It was almost 22h. we sped walked as fast as we could, scanning the road where we had walked just a short 45 min ago. It was dark so that was on our side and I was praying that it would be protected. We got to the turn off about 20 min later. We had a good aerobic workout. On arriving at the saw mill next to emile’s house. I asked a couple of guys if they had seen a phone but they hadn’t so we went just a bit further and donny passed the phone but I saw it in my flashlight beam. And my heart leaped thanks to God for having kept my phone safe. We then slowed down a bit and walked back home.

Sunday morning I hauled out the motorcycle and checked the gas to see how much was in there and it sloshed up like there was enough in there so I took off to go and get many and head out to the villages. We did out meeting in ourabourga and then headed off to pelima. We were zipping along and just before getting to the turn off to pelima the motorcycle started to choke like it wasn’t getting gas. So I reached down (yes while driving over bumpy ground) and flipped the switch to reserve gas. It was still choking so I revved it hard and it came back to life. We arrived without problems but I told Manny we needed to pray to get home because I think that there is only supposed to be 30 km of fuel in there and we had about 40 to go. So I prayed after the meeting and we headed out. I kept a constant speed and didn’t’ really slow down for the speed bumps and on the long downhill I let it coast with the clutch in. we just kept going and I felt in my heart that we would make it. Manny asked me as we came off the dirt road if we will make it and I said yes. We just kept going and we made it to town. I made a beeline to the station where when I was almost in sight of it, I could feel the motor choking some but I just kept going full blast…..especially since I wanted to turn before that big tanker truck arrived that was behind me. And I turned into the station. When he filled it up it was exactly 10ltrs. Meaning it was completely empty. When I tried to start it again it choked along so I push started it. And it took but wanted to die. It probably picked up all the trash that was in the bottom of the gas tank since it was completely empty. Anyway we made it home and I thank God. I think that we had been driving angel fuel from quite a ways back.

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  1. Yes, you were driving on angel fuel. Many years ago, when my mom was turning 80 years old, my brother, and his wife, plus oldest son, wife and son went back to Illinois in the van. We didn't know that the fuel gauge was not working properly, and mid Nebraska, it started choking up like that. We all put our hands on the motor [inside a haul aboard] and prayed. It had a 16 gallon tank. When we pulled into the station it was coming in on fumes that is for sure as it took 16 1/2 gallons to fill it up.

    Later we did have to put in a new fuel filter as it had clogged up bad from being that low on fuel.

    Our God took us all the way there and back to Colorado without any more problems. We serve an awesome God.

    Of those of us that were in that van, only nephew's wife and son plus I are still alive. Praise the Lord for the blessings of being able to spend that time with family and friends at mom's 80th birthday party.

    God bless, Suzy.

    Love ya


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