Monday, May 11, 2009

Here it is Monday evening already. The mosquitoes are chasing my arms around. And probably my feet also. When I finished personal prayer and prayer with the kids I sent them off to school and I ate. Then I went and flicked off the circuit breaker and went and did a bit of electrical work…. Ie.. I had to take a connector. It had melted on the wire and was snapping when we turned on something in the office. So I flicked the circuit breaker over there e so we wouldn’t burn down the house. So I got that off and then was just getting ready to leave and Albertine arrived from the village. She ate and then we left together. She was headed to the hospital to help someone and I wanted to find my electrical piece and check if some money had arrived . The money hadn’t arrived and I stopped at the auto shop but they didn’t’ have what I wanted and told me to go to the Indian store. So I went there and they had the piece but told me I needed to buy 12. I said what am I going to do with 12? So I got the light bulbs which seemed to all decide to not work at the same time and then when I got to the cashier. I asked him if I couldn’t get just one of the doodads. Since I know him.. He has been here from before I got here. And he said no problem and he cut me off 2 and just gave them to me as a gift. Then off to the market with my light bulbs. As I was almost to the market I saw mama augustin ahead suffering along with a sack on her head and carrying 3 25lt empty plastic jugs. So I ran and grabbed the jugs. And she was happy she said she was tired and didn’t’ know how to carry them further. I then went through the market and found a bunch of t-shirts for about 20cents a piece. I then went and visited the lady who sells koudie koudie.. Which is fried peanut pulp… what is left when you take peanut oil out. And told her I want 300 and I would be right back. I went to buy tubani which is steamed bean flour mixed with water. I got 4 for 50 cents and headed back to get my koudie koudie. After getting that I wondered around and found some mangoes that I Iike and filled my bag. About 80cents got me 24 mangoes. That was heavy. But john had told me he was selling hot pepper and I needed some but I couldn’t find him and my sack was way too heavy. So I went were he usually was but didn’t see him so I left and got a motorcycle taxi home. Wrote everything down and took a nap before the kids arrived . Since I had bought the food I didn’t need to cook. Yep my fast food is faster then MacDonald’s and a whole lot better for you and cheaper.
After eating Manny arrived to do editing with me on my document. He is the editor for our cultural scrapbook. By the time we were done the kids were home and they started on homework.
I read and they wrote. And now they are talking outside while I work with Everest doing series.

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