Monday, May 18, 2009

we are in the middle of a big thunder and lightening storm. but since nothing is connected with cords it works well. and probably it works well because no one else is on.

the electricity is cut also so i am again sitting here in the dark by the light of the computer screen with bugs flying around my face and the screen. everyonce in a while a mosquito floats by and i kill it.

did lots of laundry today. it takes me usually about 30 min for each bowl and i usually have 3 bowls. since internet is fast let me put in some pictures.

it sound like this rain is going to be a soaker rain which is good. the fields were getting dry and we needed some rain.

not much happening. our truck is at the mechanic and should be done tomorrow. the motor was over hauled. and got all new gaskets and seals in and the such. and fixing some other things.

and for those who want to know... the rest of the team is doing a supprise party for me.. hehe and i knwo about it. anyway.. before partying i have a bible study to give so when i am finished with that i will go to my party.. the pictures are still uploading. ok they are almost done so i will stop blabbing. i haven't figured out yet how to labble the pictures.

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