Wednesday, May 6, 2009

busy day

May 4, 2009
Today was a busy day . I headed out at 8:30 and went and got diesel for the truck. On finishing I went back to the house to get ropes. Then on to the little clinic to get some antibiotics for papa nestor who has a nasty cough. Then headed to the other end of town and picked up Toussaint. Picked him up and we took off to the village which is like 10km or so.. not far and took the road they had said. We arrived at a church and the road ended. So we spent the next half an hour wondering through the village asking everyone where they lived.. didn’t find them until someone took us to one house and the lady there knew them. Got there and woke the guy up and we went and looked at the grass that we were to haul that had been sewn for the roof and it was covered with some red bugs that look like box elder bugs. Only they are red all over. Anyway nothing eats them. So we banged and banged the grass until most of them left. Then hauled them to the truck. There wasn’t many 7 I think. We then took off but stopped out of the village where they do some ceremonies and Toussaint drove around there for a while practicing. He is doing driving school. On arriving back in town I stopped to get some bags of rice 50kg (110 lbs) and 25kg (55lbs) and a jug 25L of oil and some eggs. Those will last me about 4-5 months. And then took Toussaint home and went home myself. And got everything unloaded before the kids got home.. by like 3 min. the rest arrived and they heated up pate and ate and then donny and crowd left me and severin by ourselves since they had something that needed to do for class. So severin and I took a nap before Colette arrived. She finally arrived with their friend and we chatted and then bony arrived and they left for home. When they left I got online to try and download updates for my old laptop but that didn’t work but did get to chat for a bit. The kids were outside when clement came to get his salary. We worked on that and chatted a bit then he left and I called the kids in to come and get their shower befor the rains came. There was lots of lighting and thunder. They got done and I raced to get mine done before the storm got too close. I took a 1 min rinse because it was rather close and being outside when you are covered in water in a lighting storm is not the best. See below.
There is a storm coming so I am off to take a shower before it gets closer because there is lots of lighting. The storm is here and so is all the lightening. That was a 1 min shower. In the dark because the electricity was cut. Everyone has their flashlight. And we just walk around with it. On Sunday the kids were all doing homework by flashlight on the blackboard. Everything important is unplugged and when the electricity goes out the bugs flock to my computer screens. Which is what they are doing right now.

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